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About us

Clinical Translation
Diabetes mellitus, Insulin Resistance, Nuclear
Receptor, Genomics, Mitochondrial dysfunction
Prof. Kyong Soo Park
Current Research Interests
- the mechanism of insulin resistance associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes melli
- on the role of mitochondria in the pathogenesis of insulin resistance.
- molecular mechanism of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes using genomics, pro
teomics and metabolomics tools.
Cancer epigenetics, Cancer pharmacogenetics, Molecular targeted cancer therapy
Prof. Tae-You Kim
Current Research Interests
- Current Research InterestsMy work focuses at performing translational researches and tumor biology in major cancers among Koreans. The overall goals are to develop molecularly-tailored treatment strategies and provide new insights in solid tumor biology.
Oral Macromolecule delivery, cell targeting
therapy, injectable cell therapy
Prof. YoungRo Byun
Current Research Interests
- Oral Macromolecule Delivery
- Strategy
- Oral absorption of macromolecular drug in animal Model
Anti-tumor immunotheraphy, tolerance,
asthma, mucosal vaccination
Prof. Chang-Yuil Kang
Current Research Interests
- Cancer
- T cell and NKT cell
- Immune tolerance
Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging
Prof. Dong Soo Lee
Current Research Interests
Multimodal multiplexing in vivo molecular imaging
- In vivo optical/ nuclear molecular imaging and therapy,
- Molecular imaging using reporter genes

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