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About us

Ion channel, Neuroscience
Prof. John N. Wood
Current Research Interests
1. Voltage-gated sodium channels, particularly Nav1.7, play a key role in peripheral pain pathways. We are using transgenic mice as well as human
   genetics to unravel the role and potential utility of these channels as analgesic drug targets
2. Sensory neuron pain thresholds are regulated by microRNAs. We are examining how this system controls the expression of key pain mediators
3. Mechanosensation of light touch and painful pressure is not understood. We are trying to identify the molecules that are important for the
   transduction of these sensations using molecular genetics and electrophysiology
4. Human genetics provides powerful insights into pain mechanisms. We are mapping the genes that underlie a variety of pain syndromes, and
   modeling the mechanisms in transgenic mice.

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